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Spev Olseniek...Niekolko videi...

30. 6. 2007

I am the cute one:



Brother for sale:



Identical twins:


Fashion Jr High:


I am still me:


We need a vacation:


Give us a mystery:




Stying cool:


Ice cream crazy:


Steamin' screamin' slammin' jammin' really scary rides:

It's not logical:



no one tells the president what to do:


One buffalo, two buffali:


Peanut butter:


That funky musicology:


Why Can't We Live in a Hotel All the Time:


Santa Knows Where You Are:


Young Mk and Ash are singing:




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(nella, 15. 5. 2009 17:22)

mam velmi rada olsenky aj ich pesnicky.


(saba, 30. 11. 2007 23:26)

to je krasny


(Lolinkaa, 7. 7. 2007 12:31)

Toto je strasnee kraaaaaasnee videooo.....zERIEM Olseknyy.....Maaju supeer styyl:))